About Us

Who is Hyperfavor?

We are a team of creators and designers who share a common passion for apparels and accessories that express your personal style. Since 2012, we’ve developed premium apparel brand named Hyperfavor which combine exclusive patterns with highest quality fabrics on each of our products.
After 8 years on the market, we confidently own one of the most talented professional designers, modern printing systems and premium customer service. Our customer service team are also chosen particularly to provide greatest service systems anytime you need.
As obvious retail trend, we just focus on ecommerce in order to conveniently bring out Hyperfavor as well as share our passion to customers all over the world.
Come to Hyperfavor, brighten your style!

Where are these made?

Previously, all of our masks were designed and manufactured in our warehouses across the state. However, since demand for face masks has reached an unprecedented level and we have been inundated with mask orders recently, our production facility is heavily overloaded. The manufacture of masks is severely affected and has not kept up with demand. Seeing that, we have decided to outsource some of the facilities in Vietnam with a view to ensuring the continuity of the production process even amid the pandemic. There are numerous reasons why we opted to base our facilities in Vietnam.
– Compared to other countries in the region, physical infrastructures such as railroads, ports, electricity supply; and soft infrastructures (or human capital) such as basic education are in better situation in Vietnam. Vietnamese highly skilled workers are diligent and are able to work on enormous pressure to manufacture masks in large quantities. On top of that, various garment corporations in Vietnam are now capable of producing anti-bacterial cloth masks which are fundamental in battling the Covid-19. Strict quality assurance procedures are also carried out on a regular basis to minimize defects during the production process and to ensure our products will meet specific quality standards.
– Vietnam has a stable political environment and is noted for being successful in containing the pandemic. The production process, therefore, will be less severely affected.
– Vietnam is situated in close proximity to regional and international shipping routes which will truly facilitate the shipping process. We trust this country in maintaining adequate supplies of masks for our valued customers.
Nevertheless, due to the geographical distance and the widespread pandemic, the shipping process might take longer than usual. We truly appreciate your patience in this complicated situation.


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